Normal Modes Don’t Always Work.

Your cells already know about special circumstances. They know that the normal tools and modes don’t always work. 


Under normal circumstances, most of the cells in your body have a number of properties that keep them organized and functioning properly. These are properties like cell polarity, the clear definition of a front and a back in each cell. It allows cells to accomplish their tasks in the body. And there’s the ability of cells to adhere to one another, being held in place so they can support the tissues and organs of the body. Under these normal operating conditions, cells tend not to migrate to new areas or invade other tissues and organs. Instead, they stay put, performing whatever role they are meant to perform in order to support their home organs or tissues. 


These are the normal tools and techniques, and they work well almost all of the time. 


But there are exceptions.


There are times when these normal tools no longer work. These are times following trauma, when wounds need to be healed and the damaged places need to be repaired. In these times, the normal modes of operation will no longer work. There are too many urgent tasks that need to be accomplished in order to heal the wound. Damaged cells need to be cleared out. The area needs to be covered and sealed over to protect it against infection. The wounded area needs to be squeezed and contracted to minimize the scar. The empty space, the gap created by the trauma, needs to be filled with new healthy cells. 


In order for all of that to happen, the cell properties need to change dramatically. The cells lose their polarity, they lose their ability to adhere to one another and they become newly able to migrate and invade other areas of the body. Their normal functions aren’t nearly as important as healing the wound.


Sometimes, health requires completely abandoning and neglecting normal function. There are special circumstances when each individual’s normal tasks become vastly less important than healing a damaged area.