Through the Kaleidoscope: How Exploring Cell Biology Transforms My Relationship With God will be released by Epiphany Publishing on July 14, 2019.

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“This book is my story of learning to navigate the world in the absence of theological certainty.

I was raised in an evangelical fundamentalist non-denominational Christian church. I was homeschooled in a tight-knit subset of this community and the people I knew best all shared the same theological beliefs. I was very fortunate to have loving parents who were sincere in their faith and taught me to take my own faith seriously as well.

There were a lot of positives that came from this religious foundation. It provided me with a framework for understanding the world and it gave me boundaries for my own behavior.

But eventually, it started to break down.

The realization that cracked open my fundamentalism once and for all was my realization that my religion was simply a product of having been born into a religious family.

It didn’t happen in one fell swoop, and it didn’t happen in one straight line, but over time, I started to question my fundamentalist worldview. I kept on questioning because the fundamentalist worldview I’d been taught as I grew up was simply too narrow, and it required too much blind adherence and thoughtless faith for me to remain in it.

Any meaningful concept of God had to be strong enough to withstand my own life experience.”

— Elizabeth Jeffries